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Our pharmacy will dispense your prescription according to the professional requirements of the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, the Ministry of Health, the subsidy requirements of the Pharmaceutical Schedule & our pharmacy agreement with the Canterbury District Health Board.

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Medicine Management Service

Ewart Douglas Pharmacy
  • Are you getting the most out of your medicines?
  • Do you understand your medicines?
  • Do you sometimes forget to take your medicine?
  • Are you unsure of the best time to take your medicine?
  • Are some changes confusing you?
  • Need help?

Medico Packing : Unit Dose Packaging Service

Ewart Douglas Pharmacy

Are you concerned that you or someone you love is having trouble remembering to take medication correctly? Our pharmacy offers a unit dose packaging service to help people take their medicines on time. These "blister packs" may help many individuals including the elderly or disabled, travellers, and those on complex medicine regimens. We are happy to discuss this service and its cost to you.

Ewart Douglas Pharmacy

Our pharmacy provides a service to help patients manage their medicines. This can help people who are having problems with their medicines including those who forget to take their medicines on time or who are unsure what their medicines are for, and those who are troubled by medicine changes following a hospital admission. In many cases there is no charge for this service. Please ask us for more information or to make an appointment

"Morning After" Emergency Contraceptive Pill

Our pharmacists are able to supply the emergency contraceptive pill where appropriate. We require a short consultation in our private consultation area. There is a charge for the ECP.

Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) or Bladder Infections

We are now able to offer an antibiotic treatment for eligible women suffering from a bladder infection (also known as a "UTI" or cystitis). UTIs are very common in women and symptoms usually include a burning feeling when passing urine and the need to pass urine more frequently.

Our specially trained pharmacists can now offer a 3 day course of the antibiotic trimethoprim, to women between 16 and 65 years of age who meet certain criteria. No appointment is necessary, please call in and discuss your symptoms with our pharmacists.

Southern Cross Easy Claim

Ewart Douglas Pharmacy
  • Ewart Douglas Pharmacy can directly claim prescription charges for eligible Southern Cross Health Society members.

  • Hassle free electronic claim - no forms to complete
    Simple claiming at time of purchase

  • For more information talk to the dispensary team, or to access this service simply present your Southern Cross Health Society membership card with your next prescription.

we can supply Viagra and other brands of sildenafil to treat erectile...

We can now sell Silvasta brand of Sildenafil to treat erectile dysfunction in men. You will need to have a consultation with one of our pharmacists, where we will discuss you other health issues, any medications you are taking and we will take your blood pressure. If you meet the criteria, we will be able to sell Silvasta for 12 months. There is a cost for the consultation.

Smoking Cessation:

We can provide advice and products to help you stop smoking. If you meet the criteria, we can provide you with a "Quit Card" for subsidized patches, gum or lozenges. Call in and discuss stopping smoking with us.